Meet our Board of Directors

Sharonika Camplin - Board Chair

This is Sharonika’s third term on the Board of Directors and second as Board Chair. She brings more than 20 years’ experience working in marketing, communications and stakeholder management in senior corporate roles working with government, education, and corporate sectors.

Sharonika’s professional experience includes helping start-ups to global organisations with strategy, brand, marketing, digital campaigns and communications as well as numerous people, culture and philanthropic projects within these organisations and across diverse countries.

With two children at the school, Sharonika brings not only her professional experience, but also a parent voice on to the Board and is invested in ensuring its continued growth and success. At the school, she is also a part of the marketing sub-committee and took an active role in the development of the current CHSS Strategic Plan.

Michelle MacLean - Director

As a long-standing member of the College of Teachers, Michelle recognises the importance of College representation on the Board as a voice in contributing to the governance of Cairns Hinterland Steiner School. Michelle brings 10 years of experience in the education of students in the specialisation of Handwork.

With over a decade of knowledge of the school’s journey, both as a parent and a staff member, together with the weekly experiences of working with the majority of the student body alongside parents and teachers, Michelle brings a broad overview of what is essentially the heart of the school.

Vicki Pfeiffer - Board Director

Vicki and her son joined the community at the Cairns Hinterland Steiner School in 2020 and chose the Steiner school because of the school’s focus on the whole child and that Steiner education teaches from an understanding of a child’s developmental stages.

Vicki’s background is in education and includes teaching in the Montessori Education environment and Early Childhood Centres. Vicki also has a degree in psychology. Currently, Vicki is involved in real estate development and serves as the Director of a neuromodulation clinic, where she has honed her management and leadership skills. Having owned her own business, Vicki has a broad skillset across financial, legal, and compliance matters and as the Vice President of the Parent and Friends Association at her son's last school, Vicki gained valuable experience in community engagement and fundraising.

Vicki is someone who is prepared to speak up and advocate for the needs of the school community and is deeply committed to paying it forward by sharing her skills, knowledge, and experiences with others.

Alison Whitmill - Director

Alison has been involved with the school since its conception in Stratford. Starting as a teacher aide and parent, now she is heavily involved in the therapeutic space of the school. She has trained as an Extra Lesson Practitioner which supports the physical and spiritual development of the child helping them to feel more at home in their body. She works closely with the teachers and students in supporting well-being to help create a harmonious learning space at the school.

Alison has almost completed her training as an anthroposophical Art Therapist at the Sienna Academy in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Alison brings a wealth of experience and wisdom as a colleague but also as a long-term parent of her three daughters who were founding students of the school. Alison embraces Anthroposophy and brings this to all aspects of her life.

Ellen Free - Company Secretary

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