Meet our Board of Directors

Sharonika Camplin - Board Chair

This is Sharonika’s second term on the Board of Directors and first as Board Chair. She brings more than 20 years’ experience working in marketing, communications and stakeholder management in senior corporate roles working with government, education, and corporate sectors.

Sharonika’s professional experience includes helping start-ups to global organisations with strategy, brand, marketing, digital campaigns and communications as well as numerous people, culture and philanthropic projects within these organisations and across diverse countries.

With two children at the school, Sharonika brings not only her professional experience, but also a parent voice on to the Board and is invested in ensuring its continued growth and success. At the school, she is also a part of the marketing sub-committee and took an active role in the development of the current CHSS Strategic Plan.

Sajidah Abdullah - Director & Company Secretary

Sajidah was elected to the CRSS Ltd Board in July 2019 and has welcomed being part of the School’s governance and development. She has been involved in numerous Board sub-Committees, and is currently, the Board’s Company Secretary. Sajidah was part of the Constitution Review Team in 2019/2020 and supported the completion of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

Sajidah draws upon a varied background, having worked most of her life out bush, with experience in administration and systems management and positions including Ranger on Christmas Island and in Kakadu National Park, Executive Officer to the Kakadu National Park Board and joint Property Manager of a Bush Heritage Australia reserve. She has worked for multiple organisations that function under different models of governance, including federal agencies, charitable organisations and indigenous incorporations.

Sajidah is a parent and is employed by the school as the Projects Officer supporting the Executive, the High School development and marketing and communications for the school. Sajidah is highly invested in the school succeeding to achieve its vision of an authentic K-12 Steiner school for northern Australia.

Julia Czernek - Director

Julia was born in Germany and was raised in a unique community named ‘Bethel’, a healthcare foundation that empowers healthy and disabled people to live together and learn and work in their diversity. It was here that she first encountered anthroposophical curative education and inclusive programs.

After studying ‘Languages and Linguistics’ at the University of Bielefeld, Julia travelled in Asia and Australia where she gained her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Grad.Dip.Ed from James Cook University in Cairns.

In 2012, Julia became involved with Cairns Hinterland Steiner School, initially as a parent and then staff member from 2015. Since then, she has been working in a full-time class teacher capacity at the school. Julia is an active member of the College of Teachers and is frequently attending Education conferences and seminars. She has gained a comprehensive understanding of the National Australian Steiner Curriculum and how it caters for the different phases of child development.

Julia is very passionate about Steiner Education and its potential for social renewal of a fast-changing world. Her keen interest at present lies in further developing and growing the High School program at CHSS. Julia’s current role as Middle School teacher on the High School campus positions her well to be an advocate for the educational needs of students and teachers.

Daniel Morris - Director

Daniel was born and raised in Kuranda over 48 years ago, and has been a local community member in Kuranda for a large part of his life, and still resides in the area with his partner and two children.

His strong connection with the local community, and extensive experience as a manager and support worker in the youth and wellbeing services sector, is of great assistance to the Board, and school community.

Daniel has extensive experience in undertaking policy development, national accreditation processes, program development, change management, and has been an executive member on a number of boards and management committees. His current role as the manager of a large youth service requires a high degree of knowledge and competency in understanding relevant acts and legislation, particularly in relation to child protection.

Daniel continues to embrace, and be humbled by, being a member of the Cairns Rudolf Steiner School Ltd Board of Directors, and to be a greater part of a ‘community of learners’, above and beyond being a community member and parent of two children attending the school.

Shelley Pollard - Director

Shelley has been deeply involved in CHSS for over 15 years, beginning as a parent in 2005 when her first son started kindergarten at the original Stratford campus.  Her two sons continued their education here as long as was then possible; Sam completed year 10 at CHSS and Lucas left with him after year 8. 

Shelley is currently the Sunbird 4-year-old kindergarten teacher and the Head of Early Childhood Faculty and has been a committed and active member of the College of Teachers for ten years.  She was first employed by the school in 2009 as part of the learning support team before moving into Early Childhood as assistant and playgroup facilitator.

Shelley has studied Anthroposophy and Steiner Education for over ten years, beginning with the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College prior to employment at CHSS and has recently completed the 3-year training course in The Extra Lesson™.  This study was inspired by her own sons’ complicated learning needs. 

Prior to employment in the school Shelley was a retail business owner and a director of a large family company and prior to having children, she was a picture framer, managing several galleries and framing studios.

As a long-term parent and staff member Shelley brings to Board of Directors a broad and balanced perspective of the biography of Cairns Hinterland Steiner School and a theoretical, practical and lived understanding of Steiner education.

Karen Thorp - Director

Karen's involvement with CHSS began in 2016 as a parent when her daughter joined the Sunbird kindergarten. Finding Steiner education ignited an inner flame and Karen began studying Anthroposophy through books and attending workshops held at Cairns Hinterland.

In 2017, Karen took on the role of playgroup facilitator and relief early childhood assistant. She was also invited into Early Childhood one day a week for observation and training as she studied for her diploma in early childhood, which Karen completed in 2018.

In 2017 and in 2018, Karen attended seminars at other Steiner Schools which focused on early childhood development within Steiner Educaion. She has been an early childhood assistant at CHSS since 2019, and has also been a dedicated member of the College of Teachers since 2018.

As a member of the Board of Directors, Karen brings with her a passion for the Steiner Curriculum with 5 years of study and 4 years of practical experience. The best interests of the children are always at the forefront of her thinking. Karen works with honesty, integrity and is dedicated to the success of Cairns Hinterland Steiner School.

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