High School

From 2025, the school will only be offering Classes 7 and 8 in the High School, to consolidate the existing Early Childhood and Primary programs. Extensive work on High School feasibility and modelling was conducted, as well as considerable consultation within College to determine this end point. 

Steiner education works in cycles, with the second seven-year developmental cycle being completed in Class 8, when the student is 14 years and so is a natural and most pedagogically-sound exit point. In addition, this also aligns with the stages of adolescent development and when the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework crosses over with the Australian Curriculum resulting in a 'best' transition point between the two curriculums.

High School Curriculum

In the high school, the Steiner curriculum meets each student where they are ‘at’; challenging them in critical and creative thinking capacities, meeting their yearning to understand the world and guiding them in such a way that they know who they are, and their purpose. 

Class 7

The Class 7 students have moved from the Primary campus to begin their high school journey. They have a Guardian teacher instead of a class teacher, and receive their learning from teachers specialised in English, Maths, History and the Social Sciences as well as their specialist lessons of art, hand craft, woodwork, Health and Physical Education (HPE) and music. 

Class 8

During Class Eight, students undertake a personal ‘Project’ and present their findings to their peers. Aimed at expanding their horizons and supporting self-directed learning, students are required to work with a mentor to develop a new skill. Students choose their own area of study; previous years’ projects have included building a boat, writing and publishing a novel, developing a bee colony, building a harp and restoring an old car.

Through the Class Eight project students recognise in themselves the skills and capacities that they have acquired up to this point and then as adolescents they look ahead with their increasing intellectual powers, need for vigorous and challenging activity and clear and often critical judgement of those around them. 

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