High School

A Steiner High School education meets the needs of the adolescent which supports them to become independent, creative, critical thinkers. The students work with deep inquiry and reflection from within and move outwards with confidence, accountability, social responsibility and a sense of self and their place in the world around them.

In class 7, students transition to the High School campus where they are held by their ‘Class Guardian’ and, with each year level, more of the Main Lessons are taught by specialist teachers. This unique to Steiner education method of rich delivery of knowledge started in class one, continues through all the high school year levels to maintain a student’s thirst for learning and deep inquiry into each subject.

The Main Lesson is delivered to our students during the first two hours of every morning, where they study the same topic or theme for a period of three or four weeks.  The central theme of the Main Lesson is progressively explored through a broad spectrum of integrated activity with each day building on the previous.

Main Lesson blocks focus on Mathematics, Language, Humanities, Science, Geography and these subjects are explored through a variety of experiences which may include movement, singing, painting, drawing, modelling, drama, narrative and practical and formal academic work. Alongside the Main Lesson, sit revision lessons for maths and english, learning Japanese, gardening and farming, hard and soft craft, art, drama and music.

During Class Eight, students undertake a personal ‘Project’ and present their findings to their peers. Aimed at expanding their horizons, students are encouraged to work with a mentor to develop a new skill. Students get to choose their own topic with past years’ projects being building a boat, writing and publishing a novel, building a harp and restoring an old car.

Through the Class Eight project students recognise in themselves the skills and capacities that they have acquired up to this point and then as adolescents they look ahead with their increasing intellectual powers, need for vigorous and challenging activity and clear, and often critical, judgement of those around them.

In the high school, the Steiner curriculum meets each student where they are ‘at’; challenging them when it is needed, meeting their yearning to understand the world and bringing them to the point of knowing who they are and what is their purpose in life. 

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