The Main Lesson

The Main Lesson concept is unique to Steiner education and offers a deep and enriching delivery of curriculum which commences in class one and continues through the high school year levels to cultivate a love of learning that drives intrinsic motivation and develops a deep understanding of each subject. 

The Main Lesson is delivered for the first two hours of every morning to our students, where they study the same topic or theme for a period of three or four weeks.  The central theme of the Main Lesson is progressively explored through a broad spectrum of integrated activity with each day building on the previous.

Main Lesson blocks focus on Mathematics, Language, Humanities, Science, Geography and these subjects are explored through a variety of experiences which may include movement, singing, painting, drawing, modelling, drama, narrative and practical and formal academic work. 

Alongside the Main Lesson, a student's timetable is filled with revision lessons for Maths and English, gardening and farming, handcraft, woodwork, sports, painting, drama and music.

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