Edstart School Fee Payment System

Setup your Edstart Plus account by visiting www.edstart.com.au/chss

Once you have submitted your details, the Edstart team will be in contact to finalise the setup of your account.

The school has partnered with Edstart to provide families with flexibility in paying their school fees and charges by instalments whether annually, termly, monthly, fortnightly or weekly. 

The Edstart Plus portal allows families to be able to monitor their school fees account and adjust their payment frequency and amounts as often as needed.

Pay your annual fees through Edstart and receive a 5% discount if paid by 15 February.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the costs of using Edstart Plus?
There are no fees or charges for using Edstart Plus for your school fees. Once your account has been set up, the school will forward your invoices to Edstart and Edstart will organise payment to the school.

Is Edstart Plus a loan or credit?

Edstart Plus is a solution for your school fee expenses and your payment to Edstart is exactly what you would normally pay to the school. It is not classified as a loan or credit, and no enquiry or account is added to your credit file.

Is Edstart regulated by the Government?

Edstart holds a credit licence issued by ASIC and maintains full compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Is the school receiving incentives to promote Edstart
No. The school has engaged Edstart as a partner to provide parents with as much flexibility with their school fees as possible. The school absorbs all transaction fees to make this possible.

When can I start setting up my Edstart Plus account?

Now. Visit the dedicated website: www.edstart.com.au/chss. After submitting your details, the Edstart team will contact you to finalise the setup of your account.

What happens if I can’t make my repayments with Edstart?

Edstart understands that sometimes there will be occasions where you need some flexibility with your repayments. They will work with you if the need arises to help you get back on track. The school also works closely with Edstart so we can provide support in difficult times.

Can I use Edstart Plus if I have a complex payment arrangement (e.g. separated family)?
Yes. Edstart can accommodate any payment arrangements needed to suit each family’s situation.

Why has the school using Edstart?
CHSS has partnered with Edstart to improve the fee payment experience for families; Edstart are an expert in this field. The school’s goal is to remain focused on the provision of the highest quality Steiner education experience for our students, and we believe the decision to engage Edstart will support this aim by allowing the school to better manage its cashflow, in turn having positive flow on effects to support the programs and facilities we offer.

How does Edstart protection my private information?
Edstart is a regulated business and complies with all required regulations including privacy requirements and storage of your data. Find out more here: Security (edstart.com.au)

Can I still talk to the school about my fees?
Of course, you’re welcome to speak to the school about your fees at any time.

If you have any queries or require assistance, contact Edstart on 1300 139 445 or email contact@edstart.com.au.

Alternatively, you can contact our Business Manager by email accounts@chss.qld.edu.au or call 07 4093 8809.

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