Class 6 Chillagoe Camp

Tuesday, 01 Sept 2020

Class 6 was fortunate to continue their observations of the night sky for their Astronomy Main Lesson out west in Chillagoe on class camp last week. As soon as we had left the school grounds the adventure began. The landscape around us changed. The highway turned into a dirt road, termite mounts and gigantic granite formations and abandoned marble quarries set the scene.

A short hike up into one of the rocky outcrops provided an excellent lunch stop as well as a 360 degree view over the whole area. Later, we enjoyed a night walk in the open plains where we setup our star gazing mat. A few Planispheres discs as well as a ‘Stellarium’ app allowed us to identify quite a few constellations in the night sky. An excellent opportunity now to discover for ourselves how ancient mythology is written all over our night sky in sparkling stars.

Another highlight was a Ranger-led limestone cave tour at the Royal Arch. Our ranger was able to bring the fascinating geological history of the area alive. He also challenged the students to climb through the ‘Laundry Shute’ a small rock crevice that lead into a tunnel like cave with a drop off point to jump into the adjoining cave chamber. The students were thrilled to take on the challenge and enjoyed some self-directed caving at Mungana cave as well.

And of course, it would not be a school camp without lots of laughs, swimming in the creek, shared stories and yummy meals.

How lucky we are to have such a rich outdoor education program to support the curriculum at our school.

Thank you, Class 6 for your good spirits, courage, and fantastic teamwork!

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