Class 3 perform first hall play!

Wednesday, 02 Sept 2020

Last week, the children in Class 3 were excited to perform their first Hall play! With Nestor, James, and Ari Ayers providing all the music, the children performed 4 songs in Hebrew along with English ones and told the story of Noah’s Ark.

Through their performance, the children acted out how Noah was able to redeem the human race by gathering his family and animals to resettle on Earth, caused by the great flood from God due to the immense lack of gratitude and respect shown by humankind.

Many hidden talents surfaced during Class 3’s performance, which demonstrates how our curriculum can reach a greater variety of needs and show individual and group strengths.

A serious story took a comedic turn with Suraya almost slipping which started an avalanche of giggles along with some unexpected audience participation. Not to mention, a very confused Colt finding it difficult to get onto the ark! The matinée the next day was a truer depiction of the intended performance, but overall, the children joyfully took in the experience and the moral of the story.

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