School Vision

It is our aim to be true to the spirit and intentions of the educational impulses and insights offered by Rudolf Steiner.

We aim to support each individual child as they strive to reach their own full potential.

We work to encourage each child’s unique gifts and potential to unfold in a creative, nurturing, peaceful and respectful environment.

We strive to develop equally the faculties of thinking, feeling and willing – head, heart and hands – within each child, so strong foundations are laid for initiative and moral strength in adult life.

We aim to create a place where goodness, beauty and truth permeate the pedagogical, physical and social fabrics.

It is our intention to be aware of and responsive to the unique learning opportunities provided by our local natural environment.

We are continually striving to provide and develop a curriculum and learning programme that is inspired by a deep understanding of human development.

A curriculum that embraces and reflects the universal values of freedom, equality, peace and democracy and that values diversity and individual worth.

A curriculum that enables children to develop into productive and moral adults, who are, in and of themselves, able to impart meaning to their lives.

We view ourselves as a community of learners – teachers, parents, and students – striving to achieve individual, communal and global growth and understanding.

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