An Overview of the Certificate of Steiner Education

CHSS is delivering classes 8 through to 11 in 2022 with Class's 10 and 11 studying Level One and Two of the Certificate of Steiner Education. In 2023, the high school will grow to Class 12 and will deliver Level Three of the Certificate of Steiner Education.

The New Zealand Certificate of Steiner Education (CSE) is an internationally recognised** secondary school qualification that has been approved for use in Queensland by the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA). It is a three year pathway, from Class 10 through to 12, that seeks to develop the skills, knowledge, capabilities and attitudes required for post-secondary school life, including work and/or further university or other tertiary study.

The CSE was developed and is quality managed by the Steiner Education Development Trust (SEDT). SEDT trains and accredits schools to deliver the CSE and provides a rigorous external moderations system to ‘quality control’ the assessments for the student to achieve each level of the CSE.

The Certificates have been specifically designed to support an authentic Steiner curriculum based on the indications of Rudolf Steiner and is the means for CHSS to achieve its Vision of offering ‘a thriving, strongly differentiated Steiner K-12 School, firmly embedded in the core principles of Steiner education’.

Students achieve each level of the CSE by completing the compulsory core subjects which are usually Main Lesson aligned, and other subjects to achieve the required number of points to attain each Certificate (Levels 1-3).

The aims of the CSE Level 3 curriculum and cumulative learning across the three levels is for graduates of this qualification to be able to:  

- Be independent life-long learners who can self-reflect and take the initiative when required
- Apply well-developed moral, ethical and personal standards to a range of life situations
- Apply comprehensive knowledge, skills and understandings from the defined range of compulsory core disciplines and their self-chosen elective subjects
- Apply public presentation and display skills in a wide range of contexts
- Research and analyse new and/or abstract data and situations with minimal guidance, using a range of techniques

**Under the Lisbon Recognition Convention, the Certificate’s status is carried over to schools and universities in many countries including many in Western Europe. This means that students from schools in Queensland, for example, can use the Certificate as a university entrance qualification in the UK and Germany.

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